Incentivised Testnet Live!


Build DAOs, NFT Communities, manage treasuries and more at the click of a button.

Platform Web3 M&A deal flow and fractionalized ownership through crowdfunding.

SocialFi privacy hub for Web3 teams and communities.

Pulling together the entire tokenized finance ecosystem, including tokenized equity, into one solution.

Cross-chain DEX and Lending Pool.

Write, test, and deploy smart contracts in minutes with the Atlas IDE.

A collection of dApps to bring together privacy and convenience.

One-stop access to exchange over multiple chains.

AMM for trading, swapping, and providing liquidity for NFTs.

Encrypted document distribution, verification and publication.

All in one DeFi platform. Swapping, staking, borrowing, lending, investing, and earning.

Manage on-chain documents with unique naming and versioning for your data.

Copyright NFT

Copyright NFTs deter online piracy by discouraging the unauthorized distribution of digital media on the internet.

Decentralised Auction Protocol, powering DEXs, NFT Marketplaces, Token Launchpads and RWA exchanges.

DeFi synthetics trading platform for crypto, stocks, forex, commodities and NFTs.

Autonomous crypto-backed stablecoin protocol.

Cross-chain messaging protocol for sending data between blockchains.

Equito provides modular software tools to enable cross-chain communication and composability.

Bitcoin and crypto casino games.

Empower decisions with unified Web2 and Web3 data.

Earn tokens by contributing to Web3 communities.

Goldsky powers hundreds of crypto businesses building rich, instant, data-driven experiences.

Decentralized cybersecurity protocol that allows everyone to add liquidity to Web3 bug bounties and incentivize white hat hackers.

Interoperability layer that enables projects to permissionlessly connect any blockchain.

Omnichain interoperability protocol enabling cross-chain applications.

Build, tokenize and trade on-chain derivatives powered by the liquidity of leading Decentralized Protocols

Audits and security with a focus on privacy.

Interact with tokens, users, and applications on any blockchain using a single contract.

Community-vetted Web3 apps and games.

Add Web3 email to any project.

Allowing Web 2.0 data to be bridged onto Web 3.0.

App that rewards you for exercising.

Enterprise-grade APIs and real-time blockchain data for developers.

Open World Action RPG adventure built on blockchain.

No code NFT marketplace solution.

Discover, create and trade NFTs on-chain, curated by a vibrant community.

Node staking solutions.

Allowing users to buy crypto directly onto the network of their choice.

A decentralized margin trading protocol that enables leverage trading for any tokens.

Fully on-chain oracles for secure and reliable decentralized data feeding and automation.

Building cross-chain messaging protocols and omnichain applications for both developers and consumers.


Institutional-grade staking solutions.

Custom flexible, robust, and reliable APIs..

iGaming platform empowering Web3 casinos.

Get paid on time with automated, blockchain-based invoices.

OTC trading protocol.

Non-custodial Prime Brokerage protocol. Primex enables leveraged spot trading on DEXs, all backed by lenders.

Decentralized crypto gambling and gaming.

Crypto payroll and Web3 workforce solutions.

On-chain and cross-chain swaps in one click.

Decentralized private data marketplace.

Innovative, secure, multi-chain data storage, transfer and recovery solutions.

Copy-trade other successful traders automatically. Think Etoro for crypto.

Sport Value

Institutional-grade staking solutions.

Blockchain gaming infrastructure provider.

Oracle providing fast, accurate on and off-chain data.

Allows users to create, manage, and speculate on synthetic derivatives that can represent any financial instrument in the world.

Volatility hedged structured products for DeFi.

Progressive staking, infrastructure, and software provider for blockchain projects.

A monetization solution for games & a subscription service for end users.

Lifestyle app enabling subscribers to access products, services, and events.

Enabling smart contracts to react to real-world events with strong crypto-economic guarantees.

Unlock the power of Decentralized Computational Notebooks.

Digital Assets Exchange.

TEN Protocol
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